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DCRA Events

Canadian Fullbore Rifle Championships

The Canadian Fullbore Rifle Championships are steeped in tradition dating back to 1868. CFRC brings together Target Rifle shooters & Army Cadets from Canada, the US, and overseas and is one of the world's premiere annual shooting competitions.

F-Class National Championships

The Canadian F-Class National Championships draw competitors from across Canada, the US, and overseas. Now in it's 9th year, the FCNC have become a can't miss event for many of the world's best shooters.

Long Range Black Powder competitions in Canada predate the founding of the DCRA by several years, and are an important part of our shooting heritage. Expect a great group of competitors and lots of smoke!

Coming Soon

The National Service Conditions Championships normally draws competitors from across Canada, the US as well as the Canadian Armed Forces and international militaries. This competition consists of Service Pistol, Precision Rifle and Service Rifle matches.

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National Service Conditions Championships

Black Powder National Championships

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