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Target Rifle

Target Rifle (TR) has been the pre-eminent discipline in the DCRA since the late 1960's. Shot from the prone position, TR competitors fire at bullseye targets from distances ranging from 300 to 900m.

A direct descendent from Service Rifle (B), which was one of the founding disciplines in long range target shooting, today's Target Rifle is a highly accurate single shot rifle using iron sights that are fully adjustable for windage and elevation. Target Rifles must be chambered in either .223/5.56 or .308/7.62x51 with strict limits on bullet weight. Shooters support the rifle using a sling and specialized shooting jacket, intended to help stabilize the shooting position.

In Canada there are a variety of Target Rifle competitions held , including club level matches, to provincial and national championships. The DCRA typically holds the Canadian Fullbore Rifle Championships (CFRC) in mid-August at Connaught Ranges in Ottawa.

At the International level Target Rifle competitors have the opportunity to represent Canada annually at the Imperial Meeting in Bisley, and every four years at the ICFRA Long Range World Championships/Palma or the Commonwealth Games.

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