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Service Rifle

Today's Service Rifle (SR) is a discipline that evolved from what was originally known as Service Rifle (A), which used the standard military issue rifle of the day in as-issued condition. Up until the late 1970s civilian competitors competed shoulder-to-shoulder with their military counterparts using rifles and ammunition issued by the Canadian Armed Forces, including the Lee-Enfield No. 4 and FN-C1.

Matches will typically involve a mix of deliberate, snap, rapid fire and moving targets, fired from a variety of positions including prone, sitting, kneeling, standing at ranges from 50m - 500m. Some stages may also include running with rifle and kit anywhere from 100 to 400 meters. Competitions are usually fired using a mix of military and specially developed targets based on the standard Figure 11 and Figure 12 targets.

The DCRA offers several classes of Service Rifle competition for civilians including Open, Classic, and Bolt Action with a separate class for uniformed CAF/RCMP members using issued equipment.

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