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Changes to your DCRA Membership

We are very excited to share that at our most recent Council meeting there was unanimous approval to move ahead with a new approach to membership in the DCRA. The intent of this change was to ensure that going forward every member of our Association was afforded the same rights, privileges, and benefits and to make certain that every member had a voice. Those rights and privileges include the ability to access Department of National Defense ranges for DCRA and affiliated Provincial Rifle Association events, to attend and vote at our Annual General Meeting, and to be nominated to represent your province on the DCRA Council.

For 2021/2022 our Membership Committee has worked to increase the value of your membership by incorporating exclusive member discounts with Canadian manufacturers and vendors like International Barrels, K.S. Arms Ltd, Maple Ridge Armoury, Hirsch Precision Inc., Tesro Canada, and Range Sports Unlimited (Paul Reibin). The committee also wanted to augment the types of shooting your membership enabled through partnerships with organizations including Northern Rimfire Series, Canadian Rimfire Precision Series presented by Eley, and Project Mapleseed. We are incredibly grateful to our partners for their support, and look forward to working with other manufacturers, vendors, and organizations to grow the sport shooting community in Canada.

In making these changes we also needed to address the disparity in membership rates charged under the previous structure. For the 2021/2022 membership year we are offering a single rate of $80 for annual membership ($55 for U25). While this change is expected to result in a loss of over $5000 of membership revenue for the DCRA we felt it was more important to ensure that all of our members had the same opportunity to participate in the business of the DCRA, and to have their voice heard. We recognize that for many of you this will mean an increase in your membership cost, and sincerely hope that through the inclusion of these additional benefits you will find it to be a good value. With your support we will continue to work to increase the benefits of your membership, to advocate for you as sport shooters, and focus on our mandate of promoting rifle shooting in Canada.

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