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Target Rifle

Canadian Fullbore Championships
16-24 Aug 2019

Entry form:

  • 2020 CFRC Entry form
  • Instructions for using fillable PDFs:

    1. DOWNLOAD: Download the PDF for the competition you would like to enter.

    2. COMPLETE AND SIGN: Fill out the form in its entirety. Any boxes labelled "signature" are referring to entry forms that are filled out by hand and mailed to the DCRA. If you are submitting this form by email, please type your name in the box; we will consider submission from your email account an indication of your acceptance of the terms.

    3. SAVE AS: Save the document, preferably giving it a file name that includes your name and the competition.

    4. SUBMIT: Submit the completed, saved PDF by email to

    Rule Books

  • 2018 CFRC Program Book
  • 2019 DCRA Shooting Rulebook (official version 2019-07-16)
  • ICFRA Shooting Rules

2019 Target Rifle Classifications

Other documents