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Sat 26 Aug 2017


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Sat 26 Aug 2017

Again, a brief synopsis in advance of Peter’s report later on.

Ian Shaw won the rare double of H.E. the Governor General’s Prize and the Macdonald Stewart Grand Aggregate. Kent Reeve came second in both. I have some records of “doubles” somewhere, which I’ll try to dig out.

H.E. The Governor General’s Prize:

1. Ian Shaw, GBRT, 300.38

2. Kent Reeve, USA, 300.33

3. Des Vamplew, Canada, 300.33       


The Canadian TR Championship (Bisley Aggregate):

1.      Fazal Mohideen, Ontario, 818.102

2.      Des Vamplew, Ontario, 818.91

3.      Geoff Woodman, Labrador & Newfoundland, 818.88


The Commonwealth Match:

1.      GBRT, 1192.125

2.      Canada, 1181.134


Under-25 Long Range:

1.      GB, 773.61

2.      Canada, 757.53


More i.d.c.! Jim T

Sunday morning. Following my note yesterday about the “double”, I have had the following from our friend Paul Charlton in the UK . Paul has kindly allowed me to quote from his remarks, which are most interesting!

“Of course you may quote me! I was provided with the historic Canadian records sometime last century by DCRA and have kept them up-to-date since then so can only claim some of the work as my own for keeping them on a simple combined database/spreadsheet.


The Canadian double is rapidly becoming less uncommon than once it was.

Norm Beckett was the first in 1939; James Boa emulated it in 1948 as did Gil Boa in 1955. The next was 30 years later in 1985 when the inimitable Alain Marion did it for his first time. Ben Dombrowski followed in 1998

But, in this century it is almost common-place!!!!!! Alain repeated the feat in both 2002 and 2003, Kent Reeve managed it in both 2010 and 2014 with David Luckman managing it in 2012 and Angus McLeod in 2016. Making twelve times in all so far.

What is unique this year is the CSC and CSM going to the same person, Kent Reeve, behind a common winner of the CGC and CGM, Ian Shaw.

The pair of CSM and CSC has been done before Bill Strachan was the first in 1961, Alain Marion in 1973 and 1984, Phil Benison in 1996, Ken Westling in 1997, Jim Paton in 2001, Emil Praslick III in 2008

So, only eight occurrences now that Kent has got this "pair in the same year". There have been no other years when only two have shared the winner and runner up slots

Three have won CGM and been CSC: Chris Belk in 1958, Jim Paton in 1999 and Kent Reeve in 2015. Whilst CGC have been pipped into CSM as follows: Alain Marion in 1974, Peter Bromley in 1989 and David Calvert in 2006.

Perhaps also of note in 1948 James Boa's double, the CSM was Gil Boa!”


Thank you again, Paul!


If there are others who would like to add to these, or any other comments in the reports, I’d be delighted to hear from you (whitevalejim@gmail.com).


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S.J. PERRY 800






UNDER-25 800 SS


S.J. PERRY 900






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