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Sun 21 Aug 2011

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Sun 21 Aug 2011

The Grand Aggregate is under way; the unsettled weather continues, but, by and large, things are going reasonably well.


It was raining first thing when shooting started in the Tilton [not until 0900 in order to allow some of the good burghers of Gatineau across the river not to be disturbed by the noise of gunfire in the morning], but that passed on in an hour or so. There was, however, a significant darkening of the sky and we heard that the whole area was under a heavy thunderstorm advisory. In the early afternoon, there was a good downpour, but again it did not last very long. The rest of the afternoon was dry, with almost no wind, until the last relay which had a light sprinkle. Soon afterwards, there was much heavier rain. So we were pretty lucky overall, apart from the one or two details which got caught. They were not very happy and there may be some protests as a result. There were delays due to the weather and some other factors, which resulted in the shooting day finishing some ¾ late. This is unusual by the recent standards of the DCRA and some measures will be taken to tighten up the operation.


In answer to a question about F Class scores, I should note that the F Class are firing on the DCRA target with a special paste in ½ minute centre. This serves as the v-bull, with all the other TR scoring values moved in by one (v=5. 5=4, 4=3 and so on). This is quite a challenging target, and F Class scores are a bit lower as a result.


The Tilton was fired in the morning, 10 shots at 300m and 600y. In TR, the outright winner is Andrew Wilde, GBRT, with 100.19, losing only one V-bull. Second was Jonathan Kent, GBRT, 100.17, with three shooters, Des Vamplew, John Warburton, GBRT, and Kent Reeve, USA on 100.16. Gordon Ogg took the F(O) section with 99.13, from Marius de Champlain 99.11. In F(F), Oleg Koutchine and Earl Spicer tied with 99.12.
The Tilton is the last part of the Champlain Aggregate, total of the warm-up matches from Friday to Sunday morning. The TR saw a GBRT sweep, with David Richards, GB Captain, on 373.46, David Dyson 372.46 and Henry Day 372.38. Leo D’Amour was top of the F(O) 359.31, from Bruce Condie 356.32. Jim Thompson won F(F) with 341.17.
The Grand Aggregate started in the afternoon with the Macdougall, 10 shots at 300m and 500y. As I indicated about, conditions were most benign apart for one or two unlucky relays. We have a tie for first place between Kent Reeve and Ian Hogg, 100.18, followed by three with 100.16, Bryan Boyle, British Cadets, Serge Bissonnette, and Simon Shouler, GBRT. Gordon Ogg was first in F(O) with 100.10, followed by Marius de Champlain 99.15, and Barry Price 97.9. Jim Thompson and Claude d’Astous are tied in F(F) with 99.11.
Tomorrow will include the Norm Beckett, 10 at 300 and 800m, and the John Brick, 10 at 500 and 600y. The forecast still includes a significant chance of showers.

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