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Jun 22-24, 2018
Eastern F-Class Championships
Batouche Range, Gagetown, NB
Jun 28-Jul 1, 2018
Western F-Class Championships
KTSA Long Range Outdoor
Facility - Kamloops, AB
Aug 14-16, 2018
DCRA F-Class Championships
Connaught Ranges, Ottawa, ON
Aug 24-26, 2018
Canadian Black Powder
Rifle Championships
Connaught Ranges, Ottawa, ON
Aug 18-25, 2018
150th Canadian Fullbore
Rifle Championships

Connaught Ranges, Ottawa, ON
Aug 30-Sep 7, 2018
National Service Conditions Championships
Connaught Ranges, Ottawa, ON
Sep 10-22, 2018
Canadian Armed Forces
Small Arms Concentration
Connaught Ranges, Ottawa, ON

International Teams

The DCRA International Teams Sub-Committee is responsible for coordinating the activities of DCRA International Teams at home and abroad. Policies and procedures are under continuous review. The Sub-Committee has been directed by the Executive Committee to undertake further studies of our policies and priorities for International Teams. A draft document has been prepared, with a link on this page. All DCRA members are cordially invited to make their views known on this important and complex subject. Please write to the Office, office@dcra.ca,  attention  Chairman of International Teams.

Notices from the Chairman of the International Teams Committee

Elections for and appointments of Team Officers:

  • DCRA Canadian Bisley Team 2018

    Commandant: David Adams
    Adjutant: Peter Dobell
  • DCRA Canadian Bisley Team 2019

    Commandant: Mr Paul Reibin
    Adjutant: MGen (Ret'd) Ed Fitch
  • DCRA Canadian Bisley Team 2020

    Please find the nomination forms for Commandant and Adjutant. Please note that, while the Nominators and Seconders must be members of the DCRA Coucil any full Canadian Member of the DCRA is eligible for nomination and election. The deadline for receipt of completed nominations in the DCRA Office is 15 March 2018.

    Commandant - click here
    Adjutant - click here
  • West Indies Championships, Barbados, May 2018. Plans are underway for the formation of a Goodwill TR Team to attend the Matches in Barbados in May 2018, under the leadership of Tom Maynard. To apply for this team, or to seek further information, please request through the DCRA Office office@dcra.ca
  • ICFRA World Long Range Championships, New Zealand, January 2019.

    Palma Team, Captain: Fazal Mohideen
    Vice Captain: Dave Adams
    Adjutant: Peter Dobell
    Veterans Team Captain: Serge Bissonnette
    Under 25 Team Captain: Emma McGinnis
    Complete team list click here
    For information, contact the Team Officers or the DCRA Office office@dcra.ca
  • F-Class World Championships, South Africa, 2021
    Captain: Mr. Scott Bissett



At the DCRA Council Meeting to be held on Sunday 25th March 2018, nominations with be requested and appointments made for the following positions of Team Captain:

Canada Match, Commonwealth Match, America Match (TR), Veterans Matches, Under 25 Matches.
America Match (F Class), other F-Class Matches