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Aug 10-12, 2016
2016 Canadian F Class
Connaught Ranges, Ottawa, ON
Aug 13-15, 2016
Canadian Black Powder
National Championships
Connaught Ranges, Ottawa, ON
Aug 12-20, 2016
Canadian Fullbore (TR)
National Championships
Connaught Ranges, Ottawa, ON
Aug 21, 2016
2018 Commonwealth Games
Selection Trial Final
Connaught Ranges, Ottawa, ON
Aug 8-17, 2017
DCRA hosts F Class
World Championships
Connaught Ranges, Ottawa, ON
Aug 19-27, 2017
Canadian Fullbore, F Class and
Black Powder Rifle Championships
Connaught Ranges, Ottawa, ON
Aug 9-15, 2018
DCRA hosts Black Powder
World Championships
Connaught Ranges, Ottawa, ON
Aug 15-26, 2018
Special 150th Canadian
Fullbore Championships and
F Class Rifle Championships
Connaught Ranges, Ottawa, ON

International Teams

The DCRA International Teams Sub-Committee has presented to the Executive Committee a revised statement of policies and priorities regarding International Teams. Following considerable discussion, prior to and at the Executive Meeting in April and by a further mail ballot in May 2009, the Executive Committee approved the statement as a general framework of DCRA policy regarding Canadian International Teams. This policy is now in effect, with Executive Committee approval required for funding allocations.

Notices from the Chairman of the International Teams Committee

  • 2015 Shooter Classifications
  • Update from the International Teams Committee - updated Feb 2014
  • Changes to Import requirements for non-restricted firearms
  • Changes to the Gerry Ouellette Prize
  • New policy on DCRA issuing of UK Rifle Permits for Goodwill Teams
  • Canadian Bisley Teams Procedures for Team Selection - updated Feb 2014
  • 2017 Bisley Team Commandant Nomination Form - new Jan 2015
  • 2017 Bisley Team Adjutant Nomination Form - new Jan 2015



    Canadian World Long Range Championships
    TR Rifle Team to Camp Perry, USA:

  • Results from the 2015 US FB National Matches, (including ICFRA Vets and Under-25 Championships); ICFRA LRWC Individual and the Palma Match: here
  • World Long Range Championships, Camp Perry, USA, 2015

    Team Captain: Mr. Peter Westlake
    Veterans Team Captain: Dr Roger Mullin
    Under 25 Team Captain: Ms. Alixandra Voorthuyzen
  • Visit the team blog here.
  • Under 25 team to Camp Perry 2015:

  • Visit the DCRA Under 25 team's website and support them through paypal.

  • 2015 Palma Team Selection:

  • Team roster (as of 27 Nov 2014) Click here
    Camp Perry, Ohio, USA - August 2015
  • Important notice: You will all be aware that the 2015 World Long Range Championship (including the Palma Match) is taking place from 3 to 14 August this year.  Countries entering Teams have already been approached by NRA of America and have been provided forms on which to enter their Team Members for the relevant Individual Matches as well as their Teams for the Team matches.

    Provision has now been made for online entry for all those who wish to enter one or more individual Championships (Including the US Nationals) but who are NOT members of an accredited National Team.  The principal webpage giving appropriate information is at  and the match programmes and online entry form are to be found at information is also given on the ICFRA website


    DCRA Canadian Bisley Team 2015:

  • List of 2015 Team members
  • Jim Thompson's Bisley Blog.
  • NRA UK Facebook page
  • Bisley Calendar
  • ____________________________________________

    American shooting in Canada?

    Click here and here

    Further information on this: For those of our American friends who hunt or attend rifle matches in Canada, the recently announced US rules for departing the US with a rifle have been rescinded.
    WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator John Hoeven, chairman of the Department of Homeland Security Appropriations Committee, on (23 April 2015) announced that the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) will no longer require U.S hunters travelling internationally to obtain an IRS identification number in order to bring personal weapons on hunting trips outside the U.S. At a meeting with U.S. CBP Commissioner R. Gil Kerlikowske, Hoeven secured a commitment from the agency to return to the paper process used by international hunters for years, while updates are made to the automated reporting system for exporting weapons. Kerlikowske said the agency’s web site would be updated.



    2014 Commonwealth Games, Glasgow:

    Jim Thompson's blog postings from the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games. Click here.

    Read Des Vamplew's perspective of being a competitor at the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games. Click here.

    Selection Trials for 2017 and 2018 Commonwealth Games

    For information click here

    Commonwealth Games information:

    The Match Conditions for the Queens Prize Events at the Commonwealth Games and Commonwealth Shooting Federation Championships have been updated to take into account the decisions reached by the meetings of Commonwealth Nations in 2013 and 2014.  These Match Conditions will apply to the 2017 CSFC and the 2018 Games in Gold Coast, Australia, and have been approved by both CSF(FB) Committee and CSF (Exec) as is required.

    The updated Match Conditions are to be found at, and may be downloaded from,


2017 F-Class World Championships:

The Dominion of Canada Rifle Association is pleased to announce the appointment of Eric Bisson of Cochrane, AB as Captain of the Canadian F-Class team for the 2017 F-Class World Championships, being held at Connaught in Ottawa.

Eric began competitive shooting at the age of fifteen. He shot small bore and air rifle and was very successful as a member of the Alberta Team. He soon began to travel and made the Junior National Team; and in the following year he made the Canadian Senior National Team, and ultimately a spot on the Olympic training team. In meeting his wife Heather, starting a family and a construction business competitive shooting fell to the wayside. Eric still continued to be an avid hunter during this period and even began guiding big game hunts.

About 5 years ago Eric decided to join the Rosebud Shooting Club and it was there that he got hooked on long range full bore shooting. He was soon in the pursuit of building competitive rifles, learning as much as he could about precision reloading and reading the wind. He has achieved success on provincial, national and international levels; Eric has won several provincial titles in the F-Open class and is the current 2013 Western Canadian F-Open champion. Eric was captain and shooting member of the winning team in both 2012 and 2013 at the Western Canadian Championships, and proudly represented Canada as a member of the Canadian 2013 FCWC team in Raton, NM

Any F-Class shooters interested in being considered for the 2017 FCWC team should contact Eric at for further information on the selection program.



Nominations for Team Officers:

Elections of Team Officers:

At the DCRA Council Meeting in March 2015, the following appointments were made.

Captains of the Canadian Teams at the 2015 Canadian Championships

  • Commonwealth Match Bill Molnar
  • Canada Match Daniel Chisholm
  • Under 25 Matches Alix Voorthyusen
  • Seniors matches Stan Frost
  • F Class International Eric Bisson
Commandant of the Canadian Rifle team to Bisley, 2017 Roger Mullin.

Reminder, Call for Nominations
  • Captain of the Canadian Rifle Teams to the World Long Range Championships in New Zealand, 2019. No nominations had been received as of the cut-off date of  31st July, 2015. We are thus extending the nomination period to close on 8th October 2015. Any full member of the DCRA is eligible for nomination, but nomination forms must be signed by two members of Council. Nomination forms may be obtained from the DCRA Office. A postal vote by members of Council will be held if required.